Stop Bullies FAST Defense Party

Host an at-home Stop Bullies FAST party for your child and their neighborhood friends or relatives.

At your child’s next sleepover, birthday, or get together, why not have a Stop Bullies FAST theme to teach important life lessons like how to resolve conflict peacefully and how to not bully or be the target of a bully?

Host the party for ages 6-10 in the St. Petersburg area that will include: 

  • What bullying is & why it hurts others
  • How bullies choose people to pick on
  • How to use confidence & assertiveness to not be targeted by bullies
  • How to resolve conflict without physically fighting & more

The party is taught in a fun and humorous way so that kids listen, want to participate and get the most out of it. Additional topics can be added in for older kids- such as cyber-bullying, text-bullying, etc.

The Stop Bullies FAST portion of your get together is just $299.00 for up-to-10 participants taught at your home in the St. Pete area.

Longer seminars & seminars in a martial arts facility are also available and are custom quoted based on your request.

To reserve your date and time for your party or get more info- call 727-504-0777 or email:






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