Host a “Stop Bullies FAST” Event

You can host a Stop Bullies FAST event for your students, community, PTA, church, scouts or for a group of  children in the St. Petersburg or Tampa Bay area of Florida.

It’s important for children to learn at a young age, what bullying is, how bullies choose who to pick on, why children bully each other and how they can help other children being bullied.

We offer a variety of choices and can customize an event to suit your needs and budget.

Your Stop Bullies FAST event can be done in a  1 hour, 1 1/2 hour or 2 hour event for ages 6-10 and 11-13. ( For teens 14 and older we recommend our Stop Assault program) The bullying class can be just for the kids to participate in or also one that includes parents.

Some of the topics we’ll cover include: 

  • What bullying is & why it hurts others
  • How bullies choose people to pick on
  • How to use confidence & assertiveness to not be targeted by bullies
  • How to resolve conflict without physically fighting
  • How to handle being cyber bullied

Because bullying seminar content and length will vary based on what your goals are, it’s best to contact us and let us help you select the format of your event, etc.

Prices for each event based on the seminar length and location and start at $299.

Contact us at either: or at: 727-504-0777 for information or to schedule an event.

For a Stop Bullies themed birthday party at your home or place of your choice, click here for more info. 

One-hour self defense parties start at just $299.00 for up-to-10 participants taught at your home in the St. Pete area.

Longer seminars & seminars in a martial arts facility are also available and are custom quoted based on your request.

To reserve your date and time for your party or get more info- call 727-504-0777 or email: