Teen Girls Self Defense Party

Host a self defense party for your friends or your teenage daughter’s friends that will be fun and at the same time,will be valuable as they’ll learn some personal protection skills that can help stay safer as they go through life.

We’ll teach an informal self defense seminar that will cover: 

  • Awareness & Assertiveness
  • How to Not Be Targeted as an Easy Victim
  • How to Set Boundaries w/ Others
  • Resolving Conflict & Verbal Defense
  • How to Physically Fight Back to Win

The self defense party can serve as a great introduction to realistic self defense and to help teens learn how to take care of themselves.

We can customize the party style seminar to include other topics such as acquaintance date rape, college safety and more upon request.

One-hour self defense parties start at just $299.00 for up-to-10 participants and one-and-a-half hour self defense parties are $349.00 and up ( for more than 10 participants) taught at your home in the St. Pete or Tampa Bay area.

Longer self-defense parties and self-defense seminars are available and can be taught in a martial arts school or other facility locally.

To reserve your date and time for your party or get more info- call or text: 727-504-0777 or email: Kathy@StPeteSelfDefense.com