Kids Stranger Safety Party

Host a self defense party with a stranger danger or personal safety theme for your child between the ages of 5-10. We’ll teach them basic rules on how to stay safer when they are out and about so they’ll be smarter and you’ll have more peace of mind.

We’ll teach a fun one-hour party that will include : 

  • What to do if they get lost
  • Not to go anywhere without their parents permission
  • What to say and do if approached by an adult for help
  • Role plays to practice what to do if approached by a stranger
  • When is it okay to tell an adult no

This is a great kids party theme for a birthday, end of school year party or just about anytime, you want to help make sure your child stays as safe as possible by learning the basics of personal protection.

One-hour self defense or stranger safety parties start at just $249.00 for up-to-10 participants taught at your home in the St. Pete area.

Parties may be available in a local martial arts facility and are custom quoted based on your request and the facility charge to us.

To reserve your date and time for your party or get more info- call 727-504-0777 or email:




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