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Host a Self Defense Themed Party!

You may not have thought about it before, but hosting a self-defense themed party you’ll be offering beneficial training to them that can them improve the quality of their lives, while giving them an opportunity to attend “something different” that they may have thought about doing, but hadn’t got around to it.

We offer in-home self defense parties and training for:

  • Ladies night-in
  • Graduation parties
  • Off to College
  • Teens
  • Kids

We’ll customize the party to suit your needs and your guests and offer themes such as: The ABC’s of FAST Self Defense, Assertiveness & Tactful Communication, Conflict Resolution, Physical Self-Defense, Kids Stranger Danger and Anti-Abduction parties within a 30 mile radius of St. Petersburg. Party pricing starts at $299.00.

Since it’s a party, we’ll keep the atmosphere light, and have fun while learning some skills that could help you save your life!

For more self defense party information, please email: or call Kathy at:727-504-0777.

Host a Self-Defense Themed Fundraiser for Your Group!

With your help, we can create a fundraiser that has a theme of self-defense, conflict resolution, assertiveness or uses any of our party themes. Because this is a fundraiser and we want your supporters to have a good time, we’ll keep the atmosphere light and inject a sense of humor in a tasteful way to your event.

When you host a self-defense or assertiveness fundraiser you will:

  • Receive 50% or more of the proceeds for your cause, charity or organization
  • Create a unique fundraiser that everyone has NOT attended before
  • Offer an event that will benefit the attendees long after it’s over
  • Enjoy not having inventory to count or worry about

If you run a PTA, church, charity, Womens Association or any other group that has a need to raise funds, contact us and let’s talk about how we can customize a fundraiser to help you meet your goals!

Contact Kathy at: or call: 727-504-0777.

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