ABCs of FAST Self Defense Seminar


Most of the time, when we think of self-defense, we think of physically defending ourselves. However, about 80% of the time, if we use good awareness, assertiveness, and conflict resolution skills, we will not need to get into a physical altercation. How awesome!

Throughout our lives, we are bound to come across difficult or aggressive people whether it’s while in school, the workplace, or while simply out and about enjoying activities in our community The same skills that are taught for self-defense can also help you keep your cool, decline unwanted attention, stop conflicts from getting worse, and help you avoid being a victim of a bully, an assault, or something much worse. Attendees also learn how to decline unwanted attention and how to handle people who over-step their bounds. Physical self-defense skills are also covered. 

The 2-hour self-defense seminar topics will include: 

An overview of the ABCs of FAST Self Defense
Understanding internal awareness
How to use assertive, tactful communication with others
How to access danger and listen to your gut instinct
How to set clear boundaries with others
How to use verbal defense and body language
Role plays with others to reinforce what you’re learning as we go
Examples of basic self-defense strikes…just in case

Each seminar or small group training has a limited number of participants-therefore pre-registration is required.

Seminar tuition: 

Regular: $49.00 (if you have a promo code, apply it at check out for a discount)    

**Limited capacity, please register in advance.               

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