University of Tampa Intro to Self Defense Seminar

February 22, 2012 @ 6:00 am – 7:00 am

I’ll be joining Tampa Bay Self Defense Company’s Lt. Col. Darren Poesel to help teach a 2 hour event at the University of Tampa.

We create custom seminars for parties, groups and businesses- just ask!

About stpeteselfdefensekat

Kathy Marlor, a St. Petersburg native with 27+ years experience in self defense and martial arts is a 4th degree black belt, 7 time certified FAST Defense instructor and former World Open TaeKwonDo Kickboxing Champion who offers a variety of seminars for individuals, businesses and groups in the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, Florida area. Self Defense topics include: Assertiveness, How to Set Tactful Boundaries with People, The ABCs of FAST Self Defense, Conflict Resolution, Verbal Defense, and Kids Bully Prevention and Stranger Danger.
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