Black Belt Assertiveness & Communication Seminars

Assertive, tactful communication is part of a healthy, work environment.

Assertive, tactful communication is part of a healthy, work environment.

A Black Belt in business, just like a black belt in self-defense must be able to behave assertively, clearly communicate, stay calm during signs of trouble, set boundaries with others and resolve conflict peacefully.

The business seminars that I offer are designed to help your employees or leaders be confident, assertive, clear, tactful communicators to ward off challenges before they become problems.

Having the skills to be an assertive, tactful and clear communicator is important to success in any business whether you’re the boss, or an employee who wants to excel at their job.

Being anything other than assertive can get you into trouble by creating unneeded stress, escalating challenges, creating an expensive high employee turnover and a host of other problems.

For example, a passive boss or employee may get “stepped on,” feel taken advantage of, isn’t respected by their peers and may spend a lot of time worrying about how they are going to do or say what they need to- which isn’t productive.

On the opposite side, someone who is overly aggressive may cause a not only a loss of business, but also manifest resentment.  Coworkers may feel bullied and strive to stay out of their way or worse yet become resentful for the way they are being treated and in turn, sabotage the company to get back at them by withholding important information or purposely not doing their job correctly.

To help your team leaders or employees learn to be more assertive and communicate more effectively, why not schedule a high-energy, interactive seminar or workshop?

I can create a custom event based on your teams needs, and will keep it upbeat, fun and engaging while your team learns and gets “hands-on” practice on how to be more assertive, communicate clearly, and work together as a team. Presentations can be between 1 hour and an entire weekend and include self-defense in addition to assertive communication and conflict resolution.

To inquire about a custom event for your team, please contact: or Call: 727-504-0777.