Black Belt Conflict Resolution & Verbal Defense

Just as it’s important to be a “Black Belt” in assertiveness and to know how to be a clear communicator to succeed, it’s also “key” to understand how to stay calm in stressful situations, resolve conflict peacefully, and set tactful boundaries with others. 

Although assertive people don’t enjoy conflict, they can be better equipped to handle it by learning how to stay calm, how to be a better listener, and to negotiate as needed or suggest win-win situations.

Sometimes, business interactions with both customers and employees can get “heated” and need to be cooled down. Having the skills to not make matters worse, or escalate a variety of situations is a needed skill.

We teach a unique workshop that applies self-defense basics to the workplace and can teach your team how to resolve conflict, stay calmer, and set clear, tactful boundaries to be better in business. To do this, we’ll customize the event to help solve any past challenges you or your team may have had and use humor and scenario training to let the participants apply what they are learning as they learn it.

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