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Assertiveness, Tactful Communication, Conflict Resolution, Travel Safety &Team Work

If you’d like to build a stronger team in and out of the workplace to help your staff communicate effectively, limit conflict, and help them learn to stay calm, in control, and take action to defense themselves if necessary, then host a seminar or custom training session for them to attend.

Being a top performer at work has an amazing amount of similarities to using preventative self defense successfully. In both the workplace and in the real world, if you are assertive, communicate tactfully and seek to resolve conflict, you generally excel at your job and seldom get targeted as an easy victim or pushover.

We offer both short 50-minute seminars on a single topic all the way through a full day training event for your workplace.

Here are some of the topics we can present for you and how they can help improve your workplace and employee interactions:

1. Assertiveness- Assertive people tend to speak up about workplace issues or problems that they see need improvement, share ideas for making the company a better place and ask for what they need to do their job better, especially when encouraged to do so by their supervisor or boss without fear of negative consequences.

Assertiveness is important for anyone who is a leader, manager or future role model in your company to be assertive and to also understand the negative consequences of coming on too strong or being aggressive when dealing with customers, clients or co-workers.

2. Tactful Communication- is one of the keys to offering great customer service, getting along with co-workers, and explaining ideas and challenges so that others will listen is tactful communication. Tactful communication when combined with assertiveness can help limit stress that some people feel by speaking up for the first time or making it a positive habit.

Tactful communication again is key for any leader to have as it’s “Not what you say, but how you say it.” Being treated by others aggressively, embarrassed in front of others, or demeaned can be the beginning to future workplace violence, theft and other undesirable behavior toward the company or others.

3. Conflict Resolution Skills-is a desirable quality for others to possess whether it’s to get along better with each other, build a stronger team, or to resolve issues with clients and customers. When two or more people don’t agree, the situation can either get resolved, stay there to fester or get worse.

Conflict Resolution Skills make everyone’s experience a better one and look for win-win situations so that everyone is happy with the results or at least agrees to work towards that in the near future.

4. Team Work-When all members of your company, are assertive, treat each other with respect, have learned to resolve most of their own challenges with each other, and know how to work together as a team you’ve improved the workplace, productivity and employee retention.

Team Work can make or break a business or company and it’s important that your team supports each other, can get along, and strives to help each other excel.

5. Travel Safety Training can help you team members feel safer and more confident on the road as they go to unfamiliar places and meet new business prospects. Feeler safer and exercising basic precautions can help take some of the stress out of traveling for both the employee and their families.

Travel Safety is important to supply for your team as an employer and can help your team look forward to going out of town to support a team or to strive to sign-on new business.

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We can customize the perfect seminar for your needs.

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