Self Defense Training & Seminars in St. Petersburg, Florida

Welcome to St. Pete. Self Defense! 

We offer private self defense classes, college safety training, conflict resolution, assertiveness, rape defense, private FAST Defense seminars, stop bullying workshops, ladies self defense home parties, private self defense instruction, business training and presentations and more. 

We offer a variety of private self defense classes, self-defense seminars, custom business presentations, seminars, and rape defense workshops in the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, Florida area for adults, children, businesses and groups led by 7x FAST Defense certified instructor and former World Open Taekwondo Kickboxing Champion Kathy Marlor.

“Up to 80% of physical attacks can be prevented with good assertiveness and verbal defense skills.”

A large part of realistic self defense is knowing how to behave assertively, recognize potential trouble before it starts, resolve conflict peacefully, and using strong verbal defense skills when appropriate. Because of this, the majority of our self defense related seminars will focus around these on theses skills in addition to physical self defense techniques.

It’s much smarter to learn how to prevent a situation from getting physically violent because even if you come out on top- you still will likely be injured in the process. Our longer events cover how to fight back to escape to safety and survive, but only after teaching how to prevent an attack in the first place.

We offer college safety training, private seminars, stop bullying seminars, home parties, private self defense instruction, business training and more. Please visit the links above to learn more, or contact me at

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